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I am a full stack developer with an interest in back-end and API development. Working primarily in JavaScript, Node, PHP, MySQL and MongoDB, I have ten years of experience in the industry working on projects ranging from simple static one page landing pages, Wordpress theme & plugin development, customized and targeted web applications, APIs and decentralized microservices. When faced with new technical challenges, I stick to a few core concepts - abstraction, reusability, and simplification. I am currently working as a Principal Web Developer for Sabre, an innovative technology company that provides B2B software solutions for its customers in the travel industry.

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Personal Projects

Below are some of my current open source projects. These projects are usually born from a larger project when I see certain components could be useful on their own, learning or exploring a new technology, or to simplify functionality from existing "try to be universal" libraries!

  • JsonIpsum

    REST Api that returns randomly generated text (lorem ipsum) and data like names, emails, usernames to be used for development or placeholder purposes.

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  • Microsoft Graph WP Login

    Enable basic SSO (single sign on) authentication by logging in to Wordpress via Microsoft Graph API using an enterprise organization active directory.

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  • Wordle Guesser

    Wordle-Guesser is an application to help solve the daily Wordle puzzle, a popular browser based word game.

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    API that returns any icon from the popular Material Design Icons font set as an svg or json object.

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  • WP Public Previews

    Wordpress plugin to enable non logged in users to view posts or pages in draft status with a unqiue url and access token.

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  • 27 Cards

    Online magic trick: An exploration of simple base3 mathematical algorithms in the form of a traditional magic trick using a deck of cards.

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  • eGreeting Cards

    Single page application to create and send eCards to up to 100 recipients at a time with customizable designs, colors, and messaging.

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  • Quicktips

    Lightweight JS function to dynamically add tooltips to html elements. No dependencies required. Very simple way to add tooltip labels to your application.

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Below are some of the most popular - and essential - web technologies I utilize to create the websites & apps that I build. I have adopted these as my “go to” technologies for building many things on the web. Being fluent and proficient in all the languages, frameworks, build tools, version control, and software listed below allows me to work efficiently and effectively.

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Want to get in touch? I am currently taking on projects. Use the links below to drop me a line and I will get in contact with you as soon as I can.